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Kyeryong, a company that develops our dream towards the world while sharing our dream with customers. Because we cultivated a big dream, we have adhered to a singular road of construction. Through best quality and technology, transparent and sound company culture, and endless ventures, we pledge to become a company that delivers new hope to the world.
Symbol Mark and Logo

The symbol mark and logo that we currently use were made in 1978 to create Kyeryong’s original image and have been used for over 30 years. They are used in various fields such as apartments, induction signs of commercial buildings and many promotion media as the face and representative of Kyeryong Construction Industrial.
The mark of Kyeryong Construction Industrial, which is the same symbol in the multilateral business fields, is repeated continuously to create the ascending image and to sublime to the level that all company members are equipped with new values and behavioral patterns, so it plays a core role in affirming the company image. Especially, the signs of Kyeryong installed in each field become an important means to promote the development aspect that spreads nationwide.

The mark of Kyeryong is based on the perfectness and dynamics of Taegeuk.

It symbolizes perfectness and infinity. It expresses the willpower to pursue infinite development, profound harmony and perfectness.


It is a representative shape of Korea. The geometric pattern shows the basic awareness that Kyeryong exists in the big boundary of the nation as a Korean company and the pursuit of development of the company and the nation at the same time.

The display of company name

The mark of Kyeryong Construction Industrial consisting of the combination of the circle and Taegeuk pattern was made based on the consonants and vowels of Kyeryong in Korean. In other words, it is the pattern from ‘ㄱ’ of Kye and ‘ㄹ’ of Ryong. In addition, the white part is the shovel shape, which expresses the working spirit and pioneering spirit of Kyeryong.