疑人不用 用人不疑

Management Policy
Kyeryong practices social responsibility through proper establishment of company ethics
Management Philosophy

Under the founder’s belief ‘Justification and Truth’, we believe the competitiveness of a company depends on knowledge and creativity of the members, and the basis of company profits depends on the management of human resources. We consider “疑人不用 用人不疑” (No Hire on the Suspicious, No Doubt on the Hired) as a golden rule and try our best to create a desirable human character of Kyeryong.

Company Principle

We pursue growth with the principle of “coexistence and co-prosperity” through reflecting various demands of customers onto the overall construction management with sincerity and devotion in all the process, from contract to design, construction, completion and follow-up management, making efforts towards customer satisfaction, and practicing social responsibility based on proper establishment of company ethics.

Mission Statement

The driving force leading the company is its members. In other words, each member can show his or her full potential and can reliably execute tasks that the company pursues when they are harmonious and unified with mutual respect.


It is necessary to have an attitude of continually creating and developing new things in order for “Kyeryong Associates” to be successful in competition. Since the industry of construction includes artistic value, each individual should demonstrate creativity along with harmony to create excellent works.


Clear and specific goal is meaningless without appropriate action. Only when all members cooperate harmoniously toward a goal can they arrive at their destination. It is important for all “Kyeryong Associates” to consider themselves as a representative, a supervisor and a master in their tasks on behalf of the company.