“We will grow as a social company delivering satisfaction and happiness to the customers”

Kyeryong is constructing the pride of “Kyeryong Associates” not only for Korea but for all the world to see.
To the Customers who cherish and love Kyeryong!

Kyeryong is a first-class general contractor in Korea that has been growing constantly based on stable financial structure, transparent and substantial management, and effective working environment since it was established in 1970 with the company motto of “Creation, Responsibility and Unity”.

We are constructing the pride of “Kyeryong Associates” in the world stage beyond Korea with the eagerness towards contributing to national and local development through the construction business.

We will continue to move forward as a reliable company that practices customer satisfaction, substantial management, technology innovation and eco-friendly construction through proactive response to the rapidly changing world and construction environment.


Lee Seung-chan