We will open new paradigm of construction business culture

Greetings from Chairman
Kyeryong will make sustainable future by strengthening substantiality and proactive response to the change of construction business culture
I am the Chairman, Han Seung-gu.

Kyeryong has grown to be a top 10 company nationwide and the biggest construction company in the central region while accumulating excellent technology and abundant know-how for almost half a century since its establishment in 1970.
There has been Kyeryong’s passion and spirit of challenge that made the impossible possible and turned crisis into opportunity behind this proud accomplishment.

In the rapidly changing construction environment and real estate market along with the unstable international situation, Kyeryong could improve management outcome and achievement in performance owing to this potential.
Kyeryong is willing to open a new paradigm of construction business culture keeping with the streams of times in this era where everything is rapidly changing and new values are required.

Kyeryong will strengthen substantiality in order to remain firm despite any crisis or change in the external environment, and create a sustainable future through proactively responding to change of construction business culture.

Thank you.


Han Seung-gu