Headquarters of the Bank of Korea

A jump toward a total solution for construction

Anseong Baudeogi Rest Area

Futuristic Smart Mixed Rest Area Facilities

Saemangeum Smart Waterfront City

Beginning of an High-Tech Futuristic Waterfront City


Building a Future of Our Dreams

Our Business

We are taking a leap towards becoming a top-notch company through continued expansion of business areas such as architecture, civil works, residential buildings, plants, etc. by means of advanced technology application, in-house technical development, and excellent manpower required for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Sejong Chungnam University Hospital

Architectural Works

Creating new history and culture

Hansaem Bridge

Civil works

Leading Change by Connecting the World

Daejeon Incinerating Facilities


Generating Value through Excellent Technology


Residnetial Works

Creating a New Lifestyle

South Gongju Industrial Complex

Industrial Complex

Realization of High-Tech Industrial Environment

Social Contribution

Kyeryong has worked towards communicating with people, sharing happiness, and enhancing life quality for all through continuing social contribution.

Also, Kyeryong has held various social contribution programs such as award of scholarships, Yurim Park Drawing Contest, City Architectural Travel, Idea Contest, etc. for future generations in cooperation with the Kyeryong Scholarship Foundation.

Youtube Channel

Meet Kyeryong’s various challenges and new attempts through the video.
Playlist for uplifting mood on the way to work
Energizing playlist that will get you through crowded subway
Presenting Bioenergy Center to Ecofriendly Hedgehog
Small beings with big existence: Hedgehog & Bioenergy Center
Daejeon Baseball Dream Park X LEGO
'A super-extreme baseball stadium with 13,741 Lego blocks

Affiliates of Kyeryong

We pledge to leave a milestone that represents new dream and hope toward the world through transparent and healthy company culture and continued challenges.