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Seo-gu, Gwangju Metro
2009. 03 ~ 2009. 07
total floor area 31,456㎡
Yeonsu-gu, Incheon Metro
2010. 12 ~ 2011. 11
total floor area 219,652㎡
1991. 05 ∼ 1993. 11
It has steel+flab slab structure, and accommodates the latest computing equipments and facilities to keep constant temperature and humidity. The building has a stylish appearance by finishing with enamel and double-layer glass. It is an environment friendly building that features spacious parking lot, atrium, exhibition space, and interior landscaping with bamboo trees
1991. 12 ∼ 1994. 10


A concept of intelligent building for super highrise is adopted that features cutting-edge facility and system that relays more than 200,000 lines of communication equipment. The area has also KT Chungnam business headquarters and KT telephone bureau, and the building could be a landmark of Dunsan district.

1998. 05 ∼ 2001. 04

Total 9 buildings that have steel concrete rahmen structure, which is common for low-rise buildings. Bidding venue in fruit section and the loading place used space-frame method. This allows flexible composition of the floor plan to secure spacious space, and is ideal for the aforementioned space.

2006. 10. 16 ~ In Progress
total floor area 49,336m2