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Through its accumulated know-how and skills, we have accomplished a variety of large-scale construction projects including highways, Gyungbu high-speed railroad, Daejeon Worldcup Stadium and Dasan industrial complex and are performing various overseas business with activity in UAE and Russia. Also, high-quality apartment brand 'Richeville' has led new residential culture and provided customers with an affluent life.

We'll maximize our competitiveness by predicting and analyzing newly happening problems in advance adopting '5 Management Strategy', consisting of 'strategy management', 'talent management', 'ethics management', 'overseas management' and 'creation management' at the rapidly changing home and abroad situation. In addition, we are now preparing for the new leap as one of the top of the construction companies in the world based on stable financial structure and excellent benefits.

We are aiming to be the company that makes best effort with full responsibility while leaving a lasting impression. Our employees as one are committed to making this company under the best technology and quality.